Thank Yous & What Made This Blog

What Went Into The Making of this Blog

T his Blog is an extended Child theme of the TwentyEleven theme. Here are the features I added in —

  • Chose colors of theme to blend well with header banner picture via CSS changes.
  • Changed main font for the Website to Coustard, a Google Web Font, so it will be viewable as such to all browsers and platforms.
  • Enlarged Picture at top of blog from 1000 x 288 to 1000 x 576 via a PHP extension change.
  • Changed color and text in the HTML5 Placeholder search widget in top right of banner to match theme using a CSS fix, making sure it works in Mozilla, WebKit (Chrome/Safari) and IE.
  • Took out Blog Title above Picture that contained title & tightened up space at top of blog and in various spaces on posts using CSS change.
  • Moved menus in menu bar over to right instead of left and changed colors of menus to match theme colors via CSS changes.
  • Changed extended sub-menus to move to the left instead of the right via CSS changes.
  • Added CSS span class to put large drop caps on opening paragraphs.
  • Changed color and roll-over color of Comment balloon to match color of theme by changing graphic and a CSS change.
  • Changed colors of Comment Block to match theme via CSS change.
  • Changed image captions to not have a leading ‘-,’ removed excessive padding to be even all the way around, and changed image caption font via CSS Changes.
  • Widened the content body in a CSS change.
  • Widened the sidebar area and added and extra-sidebar for a total of three columns using a combination PHP & CSS change.
  • Changed font color and size in sidebars via CSS change.
  • Widget plug-ins added to add functionality to sidebars: Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget for adding icon links to my Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Picasa & RSS accounts, Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes, Jetpack’s Twitter stream, Jetpack’s Blog E-mail Subscriptions, RadioLab widget, etc.
  • Changed Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget to have more icon links in it (default is five) using a PHP fix.
  • Changed Jetpack ShareDaddy drop-down to be located at the top, rather than the bottom, of posts and other content via a PHP change.
  • Added the following services and their icons to Jetpack ShareDaddy using their own adding services option, as well as Google+ via a JavaScript and PHP change: Google+, Google Buzz, Orkut, Delicious, Digg, Evernote, Instapaper, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati, and Tumblr.
  • Changed font of slug-line for Jetpack ShareDaddy to be bold and added special pictograph character.
  • Added to theme drop-down menus, including this Thank You & Making of… page, Contact page, Short CV, and Code Examples.
  • Added plug-ins and functionality to have posts, when published, auto-post to Twitter, Facebook page, and Plurk.
  • Connected blog to its own Facebook fan page.
  • Using WPtouch plug-in and theme, with some changes to CSS, created mobile theme for iPod Touch, iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile smart devices; iPad and other tablets see site in normal CSS.
  • Plug-ins added to speed up web site with database optimization and auto-caching.
  • Auto-back-up to secure, redundant locations of blog server directories and blog database.

Special Thank Yous for making this Blog happen go to

A ll the wonderful folks at Portland’s Beer and Blog, part of the Beer and Blog network of world domination chapters. They gave me support and encouragement, even as I staunchly remained blogless for years (literally) (yes, literally) longer than I should have. Especially to Beer and Blog founder Justin Kistner and his lovely wife Christine (who has also been my needling encouragement for getting more video out there); new Portland Beer and Blog champions Michelle Rae “mediaChick” Anderson, brain-parent of the great on-line media publishing experiment, The Miracle In July, and her cohort and my favorite karaoke dj, Robin Catesby, who also gave invaluable blog theme, coding & plug-in advisement; and my former roommate and still great pal, Don Park, Ruby, Java & Android coder extraordinaire, Mr. IceCondor, for introducing me to them all.

Of course, thank you to Jane Wells, and great folk like Esmi, Digital Raindrops and PenceLdesigner for all their help on the forums.

A great fount of information and help has been the the local Portland User Group, in particular key members like Kathleen McDade and Photo blogger extraordinaire Aaron Hockley. Also everyone who ever did a session at our local, yearly Portland Wordcamp, where I took copious notes but still held off doing anything… until now.

The most important Thank Yous go to: John Hawkins, also known on twitter as @vegasgeek, of 9seeds, whose Wordcamp talks and slides on extending parent themes into child themes, plus personal help he gave me was invaluable. And most of all to Cee Webster, who is the WP, CSS & PHP goddess with eagle eyes and my personal salvation whenever i got myself into a floating layout on a sidebar situation where i felt i painted myself into a corner, she was there to gently remind me with suggestions like, “Remove that accidental extra ‘;’ you left in there, idiot.” She was unendingly kind, helpful & patient with me and for her assistance I am very grateful.

Without all these people above and others like them, this blog would not exist, or would look pretty drab without half the functionality I had wanted. Many bows of gratitude.