Backfence, #nerd & a Very Loud Macaw Parrot.

20120924-112454.jpgSo last Saturday night I attended another quarterly event of the Backfence PDX Storytelling series, at McMennamin’s Mission Theatre. The show was it’s usual delightful mix and a whole lot of fun — if you’ve never been to a Backfence show before, I highly recommend you try and get to one of their next shows or try their Backfence podcast.

Each Backfence show has a theme, and this one was for the geek in all of us, HASHTAG NERD (or as I prefer it — “#nerd”). And this show had one unexpected addition to it — me!

Before the end of intermission, you can sign up and offer to tell a ONE-MINTUE ONLY story on the subject of the evening, drop it into a pitcher and they choose five storytellers, with one minute each, on stage. Being I have a big background being a geek-nerd, and had some hilarious experiences in that field, I threw my name in.

And… I got chosen, which was very exciting!

And… I choked.

Well, not so much “choked,” but I got cut off. Though I thought it a short, simple, funny story, I had the time keeper call a very loud, “TIME!” on me. In my defenese, she did not call the 15-seconds warning to me, as she did with others, in which case I would have gracefully wrapped up. But who ever said life, or story telling, was fair?

However, it appears that a number of people wanted to hear the end of my story. Well, o.k. — one guy on Google+. But in the interest of not leaving anyone hanging, ever, herein lies my story and its completion. The parts I told at Backfence are in regular type, parts that i’ve added, including embellishments and that fateful ending that never got heard, are in italics.

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Free Tix Contest to SOLD OUT Backfence PDX show at PCS January 23rd.

So The Logo and Link to Portland Stage Reviewsthe story of how this blog got its name is coming (I SWEAR!); but first there’s a bit of breaking news over on some other social media to which I’ve been contributing, so I thought I’d break in here and let you know about it. Especially because there’s a contest involved with free tix for a sold out show. I KNOW, right? Right. Knew you wouldn’t mind.

So you know I have been a guest reviewer/contributor over on the lovely and talented Ms. Sabrina Miller’s site, Portland Stage Reviews, which helps promote theater, musicals & dance here in our fair, if sometimes drippy, city, right? (for a smattering of some of my writing over there, see here, and probably here too, then you might want to look here, and maybe here, also.)

And you know I’m a simply huge fan of Backfence PDX, our own local and live story telling event, right?
The Logo for Backfence PDXAnd that Backfence PDX’s second ever free show sponsored at the amazing Portland Center Stage Gerding Theater at the Armory this January 23rd, 2012 totally sold out in just under an hour?

Well, despair not: click this link here and Portland Stage Reviews plus the Backfence folks have a contest to win you Two Free Tickets to the sold-out show. You read that correctly: free, the nice price. To win, you have to come up with and share your best, sobby, sad, whiney Gas Can Story. I know all of you have at least a few of those in you that are doozies and could win. Yes, there’s a dear.

So go to it, folks. Now back to that post on this infernal blog’s name…