“Falling Leaves” – For Kyogen


My teacher, Kyogen, loved a wide variety of music, like Bob Dylan in particular, but also classic Americana, like the soundtrack from the film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Somehow, shortly after his memorial service yesterday, I came across this old chestnut by Grandpa Jones. Both the style of music and particularly the lyrics fit how I’m feeling at this point, and also are in tune with what Kyogen taught.


The Remembrances Of Kyogen Begin…

IMG_0864.JPGJames Ford, who was Kyogen & Gyokuko’s fellow zen student and monk at Shasta Abbey in the 1970s, now a Minister of a large Unitarian Church on the east coast, wrote this brief but very good remembrance of my teacher. Thank you to good friend and fellow zen student of Kyogen’s, Lisa So’on Mann for posting this.