Marc Maron & Mel Brooks – Oh HELLZ to the YEAH.

Before the more altruistic post, this —

Mel Brooks PicMarc Maron's WTF Podcast logoYou’re all aware of my love for Marc Maron, his comedy, and especially his WTF podcast. If not, just take a gander at this pic —

Faddah & Marc Maron at Helium Comedy Club, Portland, Ore., 2012

Yup. That’s me and the man when he played Helium Comedy Club here in Portland last year.

In any case, on the podcast today? Totally out did himself. Full on interview with the classic, Mel Brooks. No lie. Mel Freakin’ Brooks. Mel Hisself.

Yes, I know, Chris Hardwick had already done this on The Nerdist Network. So what? That was nice. This? Is Godhead. Deep Mel information. Birth onward. John Wayne was asked to play Waco Kid in “Blazing Saddles” before Gene Wilder. I KNOW! Mind-roasting info on a King of Comedy History. Be amazed. Check it here.

Oh, and Thursday on WTF? Carl Reiner. I KNOW!

O.k., now on to the urgent post we really need to get to…

Hey Girl… Ryan Gosling, Real Foods Enthusiast

My good friends Joy and Kelsey, a lovely couple, have a blog & do workshops on Real, Sustainable Foods & Eating, The Liberated Kitchen LLC.

To inject some humor, they have hopped on the whole Ryan Gosling Meme Train and come up with these two, which I find pretty damn funny —

In addition, I’ve given The Liberated Kitchen LLC and these two funny Tumblr sites favored blog-nation status on my blog roll list over there on the far right column. ☞

Real Food Ryan Gosling — Kombucha