A few more for Dr. King 2012





A few more remembering Dr. King and bringing it forward. Carry on the Dream.

Special Props to the Gregory Brothers for the first one (also find them on YouTube, on Facebook, and on Twitter).

Remembering Dr. King 2012, Part Two: TAL, Mike Daisy & Your Apple Products

Factory workers on Electronics line in Shenzhen, China.O.k.,this is the part in which we remember Dr. King and his message of civil rights and social and economic justice, and start to take it world-wide. Or, also, in a sense, closer to home. It has to do with how our desire here in the west, and particularly in the U.S., for the coolest, cleanest, and (relatively) cheap products connects us to the suffering and injustices in the rest of the world, at least from my tendency-to-see-things-as-a-buddhist point of view.

In particular, Shenzhen, China. Where most of this stuff is made.

For this has to do with one self-described “Apple fanboi” and “Worshipper at the Cult of Mac,” like myself, one Mike Daisy, and a show he does from his true story of how he became curious of where these products come from, and what he found when he went to find out. Continue reading “Remembering Dr. King 2012, Part Two: TAL, Mike Daisy & Your Apple Products” »

Remember Dr. King in 2012 by Rebuilding The Dream.

Happy remembering MLK day, y’all. In his spirit, to truly honor Dr, King and what he was fighting for, we’re not going to reminisce about the glories of the fight of the past, but instead, we’re gonna bring it into the here and now and get a bit political with some current social & economic justice. In the U.S. with our own social & economic justice movements in the Occupy Movement, but also world wide. More on that later.

First, a couple of videos to get you in mood —



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