Sometimes, a soft stroke on the back from The Universe.

Rene Magritte The friend of order, 1964Hi.

Yeah, it’s been awhile. We’re all aware of that.

Nuttin’ much. How ’bout you?

And I know — I promised you another post entirely. On Wordcamp. Like, four months ago. That still will come.

But need to clear the head and cleanse the palette first.

This first post is about clearing the slate and head after feeling much like you got stomped for not much of a good reason.

The other is a call to arms & love for a friend in need. That’ll be after this.

Please read both. And then, a bit thereafter, the WordPress/Wordcamp posts.

So first — going into this weekend, I was feeling pretty crappy. Shit on a shingle, I’d say. To the point where I was telling friends I would have preferred to hide under the comforter on my bed the whole weekend, starting Friday night, with my iPad running Netflix (shameless advertising placement) and watching old various Star Trek series re-runs until I came to Monday. Maybe.
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kyogen, patrick & ulysses at dharma rain softball in summer 2008.

Our teacher Kyogen (l.), Patrick (c.) & Ulysses (r.) at a Dharma Rain Softball Game in the summer of 2008.

Last Thursday, May 17, in the wee hours of the morning, a pal passed — Patrick Finneran.

Long time gay activist, fellow zen student, softball enthusiast. Dharma Rain Zen Center, where we both practice, did him a big solid in letting him spend his final hospice days with them.
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Hey Girl… Ryan Gosling, Real Foods Enthusiast

My good friends Joy and Kelsey, a lovely couple, have a blog & do workshops on Real, Sustainable Foods & Eating, The Liberated Kitchen LLC.

To inject some humor, they have hopped on the whole Ryan Gosling Meme Train and come up with these two, which I find pretty damn funny —

In addition, I’ve given The Liberated Kitchen LLC and these two funny Tumblr sites favored blog-nation status on my blog roll list over there on the far right column. ☞

Real Food Ryan Gosling — Kombucha

Hello, Wilkommen, Bienvenue & You Gonna Finish Those Fries?

Welcome! To the blog for… all those other folk. That’ll become apparent after a while.

Have a seat, if you wish. Relax, take off your shoes, hang out for a while, dude. You might check out those links and widgets over to the right, maybe the twitter feed also. And all those icon links for where else you’re likely to find me. Menus are up to the right, with more info and how thais blog got made under “About.” Lots of interesting stuff to check out.

Strange name for a blog, huh? In a bit I’ll be posting a piece on how and why this blog got its name.

Until then, click around a bit. Hope you find a some things of interest. But before you go… those fries? On your plate. You gonna finish those?