For Pete – A Call To Arms For Portland’s Music Faithful

[If you wish to skip the verbiage below and just go to the page with the info and donate to Pete, click here.]
pete and rebeccaSee that handsome fellow over yonder there? That is my pal Pete. Pete Krebs. Looking very dapper and extremely happy with his lovely wife, Rebecca Birdie Krebs.

Pete is a lovely man and one of the nicest guys I know. He’s also a Portland Music institution. And unlike most guitar aces I’ve known in my time, Pete is the least ego-driven guy I know. If anything, he’s been all about helping others and supporting community and bringing up the underdog wherever he can.

I should know, because he’s done it for me. Several times. Plus he’s a patient and wonderful music teacher also.

He got his start in a seminal 90s punk band called Hazel. Later, he got into American Roots music and then gypsy jazz, and helped launch that and support the Portland Swing community here. And he has other bands I love, swinging that ol’ timey stuff — The Stolen Sweets, The Pete Krebs Trio and Pete Krebs and the Portland Playboys.

Pete has given a lot of music, a lot of joy and well, just a lot to his community.

Well, Pete is in need of help. And we need to rally to him, Portlandia.

Pete fought off and survived Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in his early 20s. It’s what gave him the impetus to go into music full time and start Hazel. See Pete talk about that and his other music projects in a video, here.

Now, those dark times have come back, a bit. Pete is now suffering from a rare form of cancer called Desmoplastic Melanoma. If this cancer advances further into his system, there is no treatment. No operation. No chemo. No radiation. Nothing.

Pete was in the hospital today, getting biopsied, the Doctors pulling out what they can in the way of lymph nodes and seeing how far it has spread (hopefully, not much at all). In the meantime, Pete, like most musicians, doesn’t have much to put towards medical care. It looks like he and his wife might have to sell their small home, which would be a damn shame, to pay medical expenses involved.

There is a page where you can read more about what’s going on and donate to Pete and his family to offset medical expenses, through Pay It Square. The link for that donation page for Pete page is here. Please use it. Please donate, even just a few bucks, if you can. Please help my good friend.


UPDATE: Pete spent the day at the hospital, is out now and had dinner at home with his family and expressed much gratitude and love for the donations and well-wishes all around. The donations are way over the goal — yay! However: PLEASE KEEP DONATING, PLEASE KEEP GIVING IF YOU CAN. Even a few bucks, if that’s what you have to give. Medical bills will only continue to mount up throughout this. And I would love it if Pete & Rebecca didn’t have to sell their lovely little Northeast Portland house.

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