Hello, Wilkommen, Bienvenue & You Gonna Finish Those Fries?

Welcome! To the blog for… all those other folk. That’ll become apparent after a while.

Have a seat, if you wish. Relax, take off your shoes, hang out for a while, dude. You might check out those links and widgets over to the right, maybe the twitter feed also. And all those icon links for where else you’re likely to find me. Menus are up to the right, with more info and how thais blog got made under “About.” Lots of interesting stuff to check out.

Strange name for a blog, huh? In a bit I’ll be posting a piece on how and why this blog got its name.

Until then, click around a bit. Hope you find a some things of interest. But before you go… those fries? On your plate. You gonna finish those?

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